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North Venice..... Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg... Oh, I can tell you so much about it. My hometown, my memories. This city is the most beautiful city in Russia and I don`t lie. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, this city was planned to become the fist city to be built as european, such as Rotterdam or Venice. And the result was great. As I was in Venice, I use to notice that in some ways my city look exactly like some in Europe. And in this post I would like to show you the similarities.
I have made a 3-hour walk around the city centre, but still, i haven`t done it properly. You need at least 3 days to see all interesting things in my city, but only from the outside! 
I started from the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. From here you can see Peter-Pavel's Fortress....

 Beautiful Neva River, ...

 Hermitage (sorry. i have lost this pic^( ) and Dvotsovyi Bridge
On the split you can see 2 colomns .... 
 And Stock Exchange
After this I decided to go to the Isaac Cathedral. See this people, lying on the grass? It is prohibited, but they are still doing this.  I don`t know why is it prohibited.
 The monument to Peter the Great. He had founded this city.
 The senate. This angels are great!!!
And i made my way to Isaac Cathedral. Here you can see the widest bridge - Blue Bridge and this amazing Dom (I like to call some thing using German, sorry)

See this cars? This is the parking on this bridge)
 Saint Isaac's Cathedral
After all i decided to go back to the Neva River and Hermitage and i found a very beautiful street - Gorohovaya St. From here I would like to comment this pics as any european city.
Paris again
Ohhh, the best way to move in the most beautiful Russian city, And it makes SPb look like Amsterdam
Hermitage. I can`t find any similar place in Europe, but I have no need!
 From the embankment everything is just perfect!

 After a long walk i was on the Field of Mars

Where an eternal flame lit in memory of the war dead
Also that day there was an exhibition. 
There were photos of different beautiful places in Russia
.... Paris...

On one of the most popular streets in SPb was also an exhibition in honor of Olympic champions
 My love!!!! Julia is the greatest figure skater
 Victor An, so russian :)
 `In Russia everything is possible because of her heroes` V.V.Putin

 Nice monument)  If you throw a coin into the place where sits the cat and this coin will not fall, you will be happy.

 Nevsky Prospect

 Time to eat at Eliseevs` Shop


The end of the walk was on the .... ROOF! It is a real culture here to walk on the roof of some house. You can also take a tour, but you won`t be safe

My city looks like Venice, Paris, Amsterdam... But still it has it`s own atmosphere created by people, artists, musiсians, architecture. I do love it, do you?

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